• Do you need water to work for you?

Well, who doesn’t? Water is one of the major reasons why humans are alive today. Over 70% of our body is water and a human cannot survive for long if he does not have water.

  • Water is a finite resource, how can we preserve it?

Water is crucial in sustaining humanity; we all know how crucial water is to us and what we need to sustain this incredibly important resource. ARJ Water Technology provides a sustainable solution that protects this crucially important resource that we all treasure. We work with Multi National Companies that are experts in this field to serve the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwaiti markets with the best in class, highest quality and standards water technology products.

  • How can ARJ Water Technology support my needs?

ARJ Water Technology supports all customers who has a need for water to work for them. We work with different industries in providing solutions that are right for them. We do not short sell our customers, we provide a holistic solution without cutting corners, we are proud of our achievements and we will continue in providing our customers with the needs necessary to ensure that water is working for you. We cater for; large infrastructural government and municipal projects, residential and commercial markets to irrigation and agricultural to Fire Fighting and HVAC with sales teams in retail, projects, service, wholesale and production that all works to ensure that every enquiry how small or big is catered for.

  • Why shall I consider ARJ in my project or needs?

Firstly, high quality – ARJ Water Technology does not cut corners in providing its customers with solutions, we are a high quality reputable company that ensures that we deliver high quality solutions, systems, products and service to our customers, we do not only warranty our products but we maintain and service them to the highest quality possible.

Secondly, high reputation and commitment – ARJ Water Technology is known for its reputation in the market. Serving this market for over 50 years shows our reputation and commitment to the market. We focus solely on water technology providing sustainable solutions to our customers.

  • How can I contact ARJ?

We have laid out in our website all the contact people that you require to serve your needs; whether it is project, retail outlet, wholesale market, workshop and production, service you can browse through our website and you will be able to reach out to us.