For over 100 years, A-C Fire Pump System has been on the forefront in developing and custom-building a wide range of fire pump systems including prefabricated packages and house units that meets every fire protection need. We continue to be the leader in the fire protection industry providing both service and superior product for years to come.

You can always count on A-C Fire Pump Systems to be at the forefront of your firefighting products and solutions.

AC Fire Pumps Solutions and products:
Fire Pump System: With A-C Fire Pump System you can rest assured of start-up and future product support being available locally and worldwide. Computer and CAD Design capabilities assist you in the design of a system that is custom built to your specification. Complete drawings are furnished for your approval prior to the tailored solution being manufactured.

Split Case Fire Pumps; A range of split case pumps with a compact design, available in horizontal or vertical configurations to simplify pump room layout.
Vertical In-Line Fire Pump: When it comes to space-saving efficiency, nothing beats the Vertical In-Line Pump from A-C Fire Pump. It allows you more flexibility to fit it into smaller spaces than similar horizontal split-case pumps.

Countries Served:

Saudi Arabia.