McWane Gulf.:

Established in 1871 in Virginia, United States of America. Valves manufactured by McWane, Inc. facilities are designed in a range of configurations, from in-ground valves suitable for home water service to large industrial grade products. Check valves and pressure-relief valves provide one-way fluid passage. Butterfly valves, eccentric plugs, gates and resilient wedges can meet nearly any high-pressure need. The foundries also provide gear cases chain wheels and position
indicators necessary for industrial applications.

McWane, Inc , with 14 iron foundries and related businesses across the United States, Canada, Australia and the Middle East. McWane’s divisions focus on the safe, environment-friendly manufacturing of ductile iron pipe, soil pipe, soil fittings and utility fittings, waterworks valves and fire hydrants, propane and compressed air tanks and fire extinguishers.

McWane Gulf was created in 2014 to accommodate the growing demand for Kennedy Valve and Tyler products in the Middle East and Asia. McWane Gulf will produce water and sewer products to international specifications, including ductile iron fittings, valves and hydrants, soil pipe along with fittings and couplings.

McWane Gulf will be operating from Abu Dhabi, UAE, at ICAD -2 at Mussafah with an area of 25 acres. The plant includes a machine shop, Fusion Bond epoxy coating facilities, assembly, finished goods warehousing, shipping and administrative offices.

McWane is proud of its heritage, and we will continue our tradition of creating world-class quality products through our recognized family of manufacturers. McWane’s global footprint has made an impact around the world. Our growing global operations are expanding this footprint to bring water to the world.

McWane offerings:

ISO, SO and AWWA Certified Ductile Iron & Cast Iron valves, with types of valves including Resilient Seated, NRS Gate valves, Double Orifice-Air Release Valve, Swing Check Valve, Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve and Concentric Butterfly Valves.


Countries Served:

Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.