Established in 1920, with a consistent track record of receiving top rating and awards for its products, and the honor of being the best-selling brand of water heaters in the United States; Rheem offer electrical water heaters with capacities ranging from 20 to 175 gallons for residential use and for heavy duty commercial use it can offer up to 2500 gallon storage. Rheem products are also UL and ISO Certified.

RHEEM Offering:

With facilities being ISO 9001 and UL certified, Rheem are one of the world few global brands with product offerings covering residential and commercial sectors with top end high quality electrical water heating solutions.

Our Professional™ Line is a complete range of hot water solutions with exclusive features and professional grade quality.

Electric powered Professional™ Line:

ENERGY STAR® certified models available

  • Up to 2.45 energy factor
  • High quality components that make maintenance easy and
  • Keep your water heater working better for longer
  • Easy-to-use controls with diagnostics on select models
  • Up to 12-year tank and parts warranty

Fury series

The Fury® electric water heater line is engineered for longer life with resistored heating elements and a premium grade anode rod.

Key Features:

  • 20 to 120 gallon capacities
  • Isolated tank design reduces conductive heat loss
  • High efficiency resistored heating element for added

Protection to prolong anode rod and tank life

  • 240V, 415V, 480V: 2kW to 12kW
  • EF range of 0.85 to 95
  • UL listed