From its beginnings in Winterthur, Switzerland back in 1834; Sulzer is a global industry leader in the water and wastewater pumps solutions with highly reliable and sustainable solutions for performance critical applications. Sulzer prides itself on technological leadership, outstanding service, research and development and innovation. As one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, Sulzer provides a wide range of products for engineered, configured, and standard pumping solutions as well as essential auxiliary equipment.

We provide pumping systems and solutions to customers in our key markets which includes process designed pumps, based on our customized process knowledge, cost-effective and energy-efficient pumping solutions, customized, configured and standard pumping systems and solutions, Auxiliary equipment such as compressors, monitoring and control systems.

Sulzer offers a broad range of products and services for a large variety of applications. Based on our deep understanding of industry needs, our long experience, strong technical competencies, and continuous innovation, we can provide you outstanding reliability and performance.

SULZER Products and Services Offering:

Pumps and Systems: Drainage, Wastewater, Sewage, Clean, Dry-Installed, Submersible, Grinder, Propeller, Mixed flow, Recirculation, Progressive Cavity, End Suction, SMD Axially split casing Double Suction, Vertical Turbine, Dewatering, ABSEL Pumps Selection Software and lifting stations.
Mixers, Flow boosters and Agitators: Dynamic Submersible Mixers and Flow boosters in low and high speed and Agitators that can be vertical, side, and horizontal mounted.
Turbo Compressors and Aerators: HST Modern and silent Turbo Compressors, Disc Diffusers in SUCOFLOW and ABS Types, Submersible Aerators, Heavy and Light Duty Aerators.
Macerators: Channel and Pipeline Grinders that are slow speed and with high torque.
Control and Monitoring: Control Panels, Monitoring Equipment, online monitoring and control software.
Sensors and Float Switch: Pressure and Leakage, Float Switch and Temperature Sensors

Countries Served:

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.