Founded in Remscheid, Germany in 1874, Vaillant is one of Europe’s best-known solar heating brands. With over 12,000 Employees, Vaillant develops and manufacture products in six European countries. Valliant’s 140 years of experience in the field of solar heating is well placed to offer the latest technology to the United Arab Emirates. By incorporating the latest technology, Valliant’s unique total solar system solution intelligently blends solar and conventional energy supply to optimize domestic heating and warm water efficiency for the customer.

Vaillant strives to offer you more than a high-value product. It is our aim to create components for you which fit together in a well-concepted and reliable system.

Valliant’s range of high efficient flat plate collectors has been designed to achieve the maximum solar energy. Produced in one of our German factories, high quality comes as standard.

With our easy mounting concept the collectors are suitable for a variety of applications. Given that the panels absorb diffused light as well as direct sunlight, they gain solar energy even on cloudy days. Multiple panels can be easily fitted together for larger and large systems.

A second coil in the storage can be connected to a conventional heating source, such as a gas boiler. Therefore additional heating can be provided even where there is insufficient solar energy available.

Thanks to our solar control, auroMATIC, the system can automatically switch between solar energy and the auxiliary energy heat source. It ensures that there is always hot water and / or heating on demand, whatever the weather. A complete system all from one source: Vaillant solar thermal technology.


VAILLANT offerings:

Solar Heating Panels for supply of domestic hot water with tanks volume of 100, 200 and 300 liters, Forced Circulation and Drain Back Systems.


Countries Served:

United Arab Emirates.


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