ARJ Water Technology is offering the GCC Water filters, domestic reverse osmosis and dosing systems. . Founded in 1974, Aqua Water Systems is a quality Italian manufacturer of filters, filter housings, domestic reverse osmosis and dosing systems. Aqua Water Systems focus on the purification of water to ensure that water is hygienic and safe for us to use. Aqua Water Systems products are available over 100 countries around the world.

From simple to complex filtration, all of them require a profound analysis. To understand “WHY” and “WHAT” will mean having the most appropriate answer to “cost/quality” effectiveness. Bear in mind that filtration will always have a cost that can be minor or major. All depends on the end result one wishes to obtain. Therefore it is very important to carefully analyses beforehand all the elements involved that originate the need to filter. This will no doubt help achieve the most adequate and correct solution for each case. The concern of contaminated liquids are various and have many aspects. From everyday drinking water to industrial food processing plants, health risk and economic loss make filtration an extremely important factor. Choosing a specific filtering solution rather than another means having well evaluated in advance important factors. Aqua System offer

These factors are:

Type of liquid to be processed – Particle size – Dirt loading capacity – Media permeability – Pressure drop – Chemical compatibility – Temperature resistance.

Other factors:

Cost/Quality effectiveness – Maintenance.


Water filters, domestic reverse osmosis and dosing systems.

Countries Served:

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Kuwait.